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2005 Dodge Magnum Question: car overheating

change the waterpump and sealer, thermalstat with gasket, balancer pulley, timing belt, check raditor is fine, fans come on. and the head gaskets are fine so what can it be. Please help????? -
Answer 1
From a COLD (overnight) start , with the system closed(cap on) when you start it , can you feel pressure building (or bubbling) in the rad. hose almost immediately? If so , have tested for head gasket leak. -
Comment 1
No i dont feel it -
Comment 2
Define 'overheating' .......conditions and temp.(over 215F), position of guage needle (if equipped) while driving, but cools down at idle or the opposite , heats up at idle but runs normal at speeds above 40MPH.? -
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