car overheated and now wont start on BMW 330Ci

Average mileage: (–)
2 model years affected: 2004, 2006
2 people reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
The car made a sharp noise and then completely died. after i turned it back on the engine twemp went all thew way to hot, and begane to smoke and smell a little. Then i was able to pull it off the highway into a parking garage, left it there for a day and came back with oil anti and coolant. the car strted but 7 minutes into the drive strted to over heat again. then i got the car towed to my apartment and the car wont strt. the battery had 11 volts but when the ignition was turned the battery got sucked dry. now when u try to strt it, it clicks and doesnt strt
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