car over heats when driven five miles radier has been replaced on 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser

my pt cruisers raider has been replaced thermostat has been replaced but you can drive the car five miles and it will over heat and run all the water out

Have you tried the dealer, it should still be under warranty? This sounds like a pretty serious over heating problem. If no more warranty, be sure to check that your water pump is flowing the coolant. Sometimes the impellar ( not real common but it does happen ) will strip out and then no water flows in side the engine and the car over heats like crazy, especially at higher engine speeds.
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did you every get it fixed I'm also having same problem changed out everything but the car I called Chrysler its self 1-800-247-9753 they need so many calls to report it as a recall so please everyone with over heating issue call I talk to others with same problems and they cant figure it out They are so many of us from what i can tell call and report