Car not starting on 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

My car will not start. Gas is getting to plugs, electrical spark to plug wires. Turns over but will not start. The only thing I noticed was that the electronic guages will not work??

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Are the spark plugs fouled? Remove the spark plug and inspect their condition. Replace if necessary. One thing to consider is did the timing belt jump teeth? Has it been replaced? the timing belt has a 60k mile life span. Another thing to check is fuel pressure, Fuel at the spark plugs means nothing if there is not sufficient fuel pressure to run the engine correctly. FYI, you model year engine had issues with leaking injectors, causing hard starts and flooding. Also your Coolant Temp Sensor.Vehicles may be hard to start or will not start in cool to cold ambient temperatures. This condition may be caused by the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor and wiring connector ingesting water and becoming corroded. A corroded ECT sensor/connector will cause an abnormally high temperature reading, making it difficult to start the vehicle.
See you dealer for more information