Car not getting enough of gas. on 2001 Ford Windstar

Yesterday (7-23-10) my car cut off and I was not able to get it to start back. If I did crank it up it would stay cranked up for like no more than 3 seconds. I had it towed in and the mechanic said that the car was not getting enough of gas and that was the reason why it was cutting off. He did not have time to work on it and to see what was wrong with it yet. The mileage on it is over 180,000. I have notice the car once in a while when I press on the gas it would slow down then go more faster, but I am clueless on this one. What would make the van not get enough of gas and not start?

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fuel pump failure,clogged fuel filter.if this van has the original fuel pump,I would change it regardless.