Car not firing! Help on 2007 Hyundai Elantra

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Ok. First my car died for no reason when it had a load on it (ac was on) then when I turned it off it was fine. Next day car died a couple of times and couldn't go over 2900 rpm or it would shake and stutter. I limped to autozone and they gave me the codes for crankshaft position sensor and (pending) camshaft sensor. I already replace the crankshaft sensor a month a go. I replaced the camshaft sensor and my car still won't start now. I have check all of my fuses etc... I am just not getting a spark. Can someone please help me with this? What else should I try? Could another sensor be causing me not to get a spark? OK IT WAS THE CKP AGAIN!!! LAST ONE ONLY LASTED A MONTH. JUST SO YOU KNOW. 2007 ELANTRA DOESN'T START IT IS PROBABLY THE CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR. Oh also I am at 121,000 miles so it's not like its brand new or anything.
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