Car misses while! on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

My car starts to eratically miss when I drive it. I can drive it for a couple of days without it happening and then I will be driving approximately 40-50 mph and I will be on the gas and the car feels like it is not getting any fuel and it slows down, bucks and miss. If you get off the gas it passes and then starts to run again. No lights or code shows for the problem. Occasionally it will shut off if you stay on the gas pedal. I have had the following parts replaced: throttle position sensor, cam sensor, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump, air filter, checked the EGR valve. The car is still doing the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do. This is getting very expensive not to mention I am starting to be afraid to drive it.

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Your mentioned just about everything except Ignition Wires. I suggest you replace them and go from there.
Thanks for the reply but I ended up having to take it to the garage. he drove the car for about a week. It turns out that it was the MAP Sensor. I have had it back for about a week now and just got back from an 8 hour drive and it still is running fine so I guess that was the problem. Thanks again for taking the tine to respond to me.
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I would have the timing belt checked. If you find that it needs to be changed, get the water pump changed too. It will cost about $700.00 to have it done, parts and labor