Car Misfires on 2006 Ford Taurus

My car suddenly stopped on me and when I got it started I took it to running a diagnostic test. The test gave a code of P0352. I replaced the spark plugs, the wires and the ignition coil and the problem still exist. I took it to the dealership for a diagnostic test and the recommend changing the pcm. I'm concern that they are trying to get more money out of me then needed. Is there a way to reset the pcm because it seems that it is not recognizing the new parts.

by in Dallas, TX on April 08, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 08, 2010
Code P0352 means that there is a problem in the firing of your ignition coil(s). If you replaced the coil pack with a factory quality coil pack and the code still comes back, then the special driver transistors that turn the coils on and off are not working correctly. If there is no problem with the wiring to the coils, then the PCM is defective. There is no 're-set' button for a blown computer, sorry to say.
COMMENT by on December 11, 2010
my 06 taurus is doing the same thing i tryed the coil but didnt change so i put a camshaft and crank sensor on it and now its misfireing on 2 cylinders now ciuld it be the samething
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