car make too much rumble noise when driving at about 35mph and up. on 2000 Pontiac Grand Am

I change the wheel hub bearing but still make too much rumble noise.

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try to rotate tires frt to rear and see if that helps. if not seek daig and est
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wheel bearing
I change both wheel bearing, everything good, but now the ABS and Trac Off light and also Service Vehicle Soon light came on when I put in DRIVE. it wont come on when start the car, its only come on when the wheel is moving.what's wrong with it?
Check the conectors to the wheel speed sensors....also have seen the cheaper aftermarket wheel bearings have had failue issues with the sensors in the wheel bearing hub. Need to retrive fault codes to see which one is not sending wheel speed signal.
Could be another wheel bearing hub other than the one you replaced.....also have seen tire that can wear into a chopped pattern and make noise.
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