1992 Volvo 740 Q&A

1992 Volvo 740 Question: Car loses power and then dies when driving it

My car keeps dieing whether it is warm or cold. i can feel it losing the power and then it dies. It was only happening when i was going 35 to 40 but now it did it on the freeway and i was going 60. I felt it lose power while doing 60 and i shifted back and forth to d2 and for some reason it kept on going. it got down to a speed of 20 mph. I'm thinking back and it seems like i might have been lower on fuel. it died on me three times yesterday and i filled up last night and didn't have any problem traveling to work. it has been an intermittent problem though and doesn't do it all of the time -
Answer 1
Do a fuel pressure test ASAP. -
Answer 2
Also check to alternator and battery -
Answer 3
look to purchase a new Bosch 0 227 100 124 ignition module. (check for your exact model when you remove it from your car. -its located on drivers side of engine compartment near inner side wall. Mine has been replaced twice and I need a new one again. when it starts to fail, at anytime when driving at any speed, vehicle engine just cuts off , you coast to a full stop , wait five minutes, restart vehicle . until the part finally expires and the vehicle won't start at all. Mine has finally stopped. good luck. -
Answer 4
Hi Mark. Do you fix you problem yet? I have a Chana Benni (china car) with the same problem. I was going to 90 kph (on 5 gear), and then suddenly, mi car lose the power (and speed). I down to 3 or 2 gear and car continue moving but in creepy speed (10 kph). I stop the car at highway side, and turn off the car for 5 or 10 seconds, and then start it again, in this moment the car start fine with power and speed. The problem happens 4 or 5 times by day. My car have 19 months and 21.000 km. -
Answer 5
Check your wiring harness. The oxygen sensor isnt getting power. Thats the yellow light that comes on,addtionally you might get a red engine light coming on. Its all the wiring harness. Had the same problem. Just got it fixed and its running great -