Car Loosing Anti-freeze on 1995 Chevrolet Corvette

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Last week when I drove my Vette (which has 35K original miles) the Warning Light - Add Coolant came on. I had put close to 1 gallon of coolant in it about a week ago. It does not appear to be loosing fluid but I then put close to another gallon of coolant in it this weekend. What I should I tell a repair shop to look at? I THOUGHT I had had the radiator flushed about 6 mos. ago, but perhaps they did not complete the work. I also notice some rust deposits on the dipstick for the coolant. What should I do?
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First thing to do is have a shop pressure test the cooling system to determine where the coolant is going and you can find a shop near your here But it sounds to me that you might have a blown headgasket and they can also test the coolant for exhaust gases present as Napa makes a test kit about $48. You can check repair prices here Let us know what they find.