Car kills when gas tank gets < 1/3 tank on 2002 Toyota Camry

My car kills at low RPM's (stop signs, etc.) whenever my gas tank gets lower than 1/3 tank. To get it running again, I have to rev the engine and throw it in drive, and it starts out rough (shaking) but then it goes fine until I get to the next stop light. What's up?!? Thanks, CCC.

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Hello CCC, sorry to see you didn't get any advice here, were you able to figure out the issue with the stalling? Was it related to the fuel pump or something in the fuel tank?
I have a 2002 toyota camry Le, I've been having problems, when i start it, the car shakes,i replaced the starter and it was fine, for about a week but it just keeps happening..the car kills the gas,also when i'm at a red light with my food on the pedal,it jumps and accerates, ,and that happeneds even when im driving,,,whats wrong!!