2003 Dodge Intrepid Q&A

2003 Dodge Intrepid Question: car keeps stalling and hesitates sometimes when pressing gas pedal.

usually stalls when I come to a stop. but starts right back up. -
Answer 1
Yellow light in dash on while it's running? -
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Yes, yellow light on while running. -
Answer 2
scan codes and post so we can adv -
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We are going to scan codes now. Will post soon. Bought scan decoder from sears. Did not work on our car. The port on our car has a different, smaller jack then the decoder sears gave us for our car. Does anyone know is there two different ports on decoders? The decoder we bought says it fits all cars 1996 and newer, but does not fit our 2003 Dodge Intrepid. Does anyone know the right decoder to get? -
Comment 2
OBDII..........ALL standard size, where are you trying to hook it up? Under the hood , or under the dash on drivers side? -
Comment 3
Under the dash on drivers side. -