car keeps cutting off. on 1999 Acura CL

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my car is cutting off and jerking/cruise control light is blinking on and off/odometer is not reading.

what do you think the problem is?

Do you think it is the EGR valve part # EGR4175?
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the stalling may be an EGR problem, but the speedometer and cruise light could be transmission or vehicle speed sensor problems. Is the check engine light on? Have you gotten the codes read?
the check engine light is on. when I had it put on a machine thats were reading EGR VALVE
There is no code that says replace the egr valve. It may say egr low flow, circuit voltge low/high or a number of other things, That may or may not be related to the EGR or it's controls valves, sensors or solenoids. What was the actual code number? not what the auto parts store kid told you. And I believe that the speedometer and the cruise control light are separate issues.
Replace the ignition switch. Many problems linked to this. Mine would cut out going around corners, began overheating. Thought I had bad radiator fans but it was the ignition switch cutting the power to them and also causing the engine cut outs.