2005 Chrysler Crossfire Q&A

2005 Chrysler Crossfire Question: Car just dies I turn the ignition switch and nothing happens.

For no appent reason the car will just die. I turn the key and nothing happens although the electrical systems are fine. If left for 45-60 minites it will start right up. I was told that it might be the Right side Relay PCM or maybe the crank shaft sensor.My Chrysler dealer looked over the car and told me if any of the above was the cause it would have left a code. Any other suggestions before I start throwing parts at it? -
Answer 1
poss asd relay or another electrical issue they don't always set codes. -
Comment 1
Thanks, I really think it's the relay. Because when the car sits for awhile and cools down it will start right up and be good for another six months. -
Comment 2
Could be a faulty ASD relay. (automatic shutdown relay). -