2005 Chrysler Crossfire Q&A

2005 Chrysler Crossfire Question: Car just died- no reason- ?

The lights and everything work- won't turn over- have replaced the ignition what could be wrong? -
Answer 1
Need more info. Do you hear it cranking as if it is trying to start? If not, I would take a look and test the starting motor. -
Comment 1
no cranking- had it towed to the dealer ship and they can't find anything wrong with it- but it wouldnt' start- turnover - lights came on - seat would move but it wouldn't even crank to start- dealership after it sat for 60 min waiting for the tow truck it started right up. -
Comment 2
It could be the ASD relay (Automatic shutdown relay). Should be able to find it in your owner's manual. -
Answer 2
starter or starter solonoid -
Answer 3
Many factors can lead to the engine idle speed operation wave: mixed gas concentration, running resistance change, air inflow etc... Cold car? Cold car conditions possible, because the engine running resistance, speed off faster. If just cleaning the feast valve, or computer made clear fault memory, engine control system needs certain self learning process. So may the season valve reflect not too orientation (are self learning process) be caused by. auto diagnostic tool-> www.hobd2.com -
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