1998 Nissan Maxima Q&A

1998 Nissan Maxima Question: Car jerking and does not excelorate then will stall

I just changed the oil and plugs on my 98 maxima then I test drove it and it started to jerk and stalled then I seen some power steering fluid leaking from the hose near the crankshaft sensor would that make it do that? -
Answer 1
Check for a intake leak around the intake , spray brake cleaner around the intake if it has a leak it will idle up or burn white smoke, also could be mass air flow sensor thet are known for going bad on nissans -
Comment 1
It don't stall all the time it only does it once in a while but before I changed the plugs it would jerk real hard like the engine was going to fall the I would take my foot off the gas and it would stall then start back up then it will be fine -
Comment 2
I almost bet the mass airflow sensor is bad.u should try one from napa.dont get one from autozone they wont work. -
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Thank u I'm goon to try that -