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1991 Ford Tempo Question: Car is turning over and clicking but wont start...

I have a 1991 ford tempo with 70,000 miles on it. I woke up one morning and it wouldnt start. I replaced the starter and now it still wont start. It is turning over AND making a clicking noise at the end of every turn over. What could this be? -
Answer 1
I assume that you mean the starter wouldn't crank the engine over. If so, I recommend checking the battery and charging system. If that's all good, there's a possiblility of there being a missing tooth on the ring gear that the starter engages if there is a noise at each revolution. If none of this helps you, you may want to find a Ford specialist or an auto electric shop. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=53154&car_brand_names=Ford -
Answer 2
bad battery connection , or loose wire or corroded wire terminal on starter, or bad ground. did you put all wires back on, some starters have a separate ground this wire could be broken and hanging -