Car is turning off while I stop, or am stopped on 2006 Volvo S60

Hi, My name is Boquesha. While driving my car, it has no troubles staying on, but sometimes if I begin to stop or am stopped it will begin to shake and then turn off. If I start to drive again before it turns off, it's fine until I have to stop again. I already had my car checked, and they replaced the fuel regulator and some kind of hoses, and it's still causing problems. I even turn off the air conditioner so it isn't to harsh on the engine. What's going on??

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This really needs to go to a shop that works on Volvo's so they can check it out. Try to be able to duplicate the problem for them and demonstrate it for them so they can experience it too.
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I had that same problem with my car when it was newer. Many thought I was crazy. Its some kind of sensor or switch. TAKE IT TO THE DEALER!!! Insist that they fix it. They fixed mine and I have not had that problem since. It cost about $200.00