car is taking a long time to shift was told it needed a shift colenoid on 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

was told it was a ten min job just pull it out and replace with new but dont know where it is any ideals ?

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seek a free diag and est from aamco then shop prices
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The shift solenoids are in the transmission pan. They are held in place with a spring clip, and you need to unplug the wiring harness to it. However there are two different transmissions on this model car. One has a oil pan on the bottom this type you only need to remove this pan to locate the solenoids mounted in the valve body. The other type the side of the transmission nearest the left wheel well needs to be removed to access the solenoids. This requires dropping the transmission, if you don't know what to look for it would be better to leave this job to a professional.
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