Car is Shaking on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

My car started shaking the other day. Did not notice it at first, but became bad enough I turned around and went home for another vehicle as the check engine light also came on. We changes all of the spark plugs because we thought maybe it is misfiring. One plug was burned, but all the rest were fine. We did a compression test where the fouled plug was and it was 120 just as was another. We think it has the original spark plug wires and wondering if that could be the trouble or if we are on the wrong tract all together and the shaking has nothing to do with plus and wires. The check engine light came on before the spark plug change, but not since. It only shakes a small amount when in park, but gets much much worse in drive. Any suggestions are very helpful. Thanks A Million!!!

by in Havre, MT on January 22, 2010
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ANSWER by , July 03, 2011
check your motor mounts,transmission mounts,tie rod ends,and steering gear rubber bushings.if you don't have rubber or if they are broke theyour car car will shake,because those bushings keep the car from shaking.if yo car shakes in park than your motor mounts are gone,there is no rubber in between the two metal supports.i diffinently know that that is why your car need bushings in all those places.
ANSWER by , January 22, 2010
Your possibly on the right track, but the one thing your overlooking is checking the diagnostic trouble codes. When you pull the codes, it might point you to a specific cylinder that is misfiring, as well as other issues. You will probably see some P0300 codes (see Try not to drive the vehicle when it is misfiring, you will damage the catalytic converter. Good Luck
COMMENT by , June 20, 2010
ANSWER by , February 24, 2016
You guys are so right, I could never find this page for over a year. I've had so many problems with this car. Thank you all so much!!!! Struts and tire rod bushings would be the best answer. I've had friggin two mechanics who didn't know jack.