Car is overheating....need advice help please on 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora

My 1998 aurora overheated a couple of days ago. The oil is not milky on the dip stick. Took the car around the block twice after letting it warm up...temp gauge at beginning was at 200 degrees when I took off. After two laps around the block the temp gauge rose close to 220. Pulled into my lot and placed cardboard under engine area. Open hood and noticed at that time that antifreeze was steaming from the threads of the cap that covers the resevoir to the antifreeze. Did taste the oil on the cardboard and there was not bitterness to it.

I am no machanic but would appreciate some sound advice as to what it going on and/or suggestions as to what may be causing this.

Thank you,

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sounds like thermostat is stuck closed or slightly open and stuck paritily open
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Starting this hot this fast I would imagime the thermostat needs replaced. Follow the largest hose from the radiator to the block and that is where you will find it. Upper radiator hose.
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