car is overheating when idles but cools off to normal while drving on 2002 Mini Cooper

everytime the car idles for 5 minutes or more it overheats There is plenty of coolant in the overflow

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Front fans commonly burn out, check to see if you have fan speed one when a/c is switch on, if no, suspect fan is faulty and around $700 AUD part only. Fan speed 2 is to be checked by a BMW dealership tester unit.

Could also be faulty thermostat
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may also be a blown fuse - 2002 mini power steering pump fan and radiator fan share the same 5amp fuse -(main fuse box under hood near batter) - check that - also check to make sure nothing has gotten into the power steering pump fan - under engine (and exposed to road debris - gotta wonder what that engineer was smoking) if that fan is jammed will cause fuse to blow Good luck