2001 BMW 325i Q&A

2001 BMW 325i Question: Car is Overheating now

Just replace water pump and belts, NOW, my car is overheathing. Any idea, what cause this? -
Answer 1
If it has a serpentine belt, make sure you installed it correctly, if it is wrong, the water pump may spin backwards, and not work correctly. Some cooling systems can get a large air pocket in them after the system has been opened, and this can cause overheating. -
Comment 1
Thank you for your help. I check everything and it seems to be fine, but, still my car is overheathing after I use the car for a little while (10 minutes of driving) -
Answer 2
Just found this site but just in case you are still in trouble w/ overheating, mine was the resevoir - it had a tiny crack where the coolant was leaking out. -
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