car is missing on number 4 cylinder on 1997 Nissan Altima

have changed plugs wires distribeter cap and router but still have check engine light flashing code reading number 4 cylinder missing

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could be an injector. also, these nissans have a common failure on the intake manifold gasket leaking causing a missfire. also, do a compression check to veryify good compression.

Along with what he said, I am having the same problem. For my car, the problem consists of faulty egr valve, egr solenoid, and the bpt valve. If your car is idling fine and only starts acting funny after a specific amount of miles driven, it is most likely those or one of them are the culprit.
mine is missing on #4 cyl at idle, seems ok down the road. have changed rotor button, dist cap, plugs, and plug wires. have swapped injectors between #2 and #4 cyl. compression check good. seems to have high press under vlv cover (valve cover gasket has started leaking)still missing at idle and getting worse.
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ck compression ck fuel injectors change spark plugs