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2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Question: car is making a popping noise underneath when you release or press gas padel

the noise comes and goes, when i press the gas and release it, pops like a gear or bolt is lose, it comes and goes. one mecanic said it sounds like a transmision mount or something inside the transmission is going bad anyone with a honda civic hybrid with cvt transmission ever had this noise. -
Answer 1
Did the 'mechanic' VISUALLY inspect the mount? Put the parking brake on , hold the brake pedal , put it in drive and reverse , goosing the gas pedal each time , does it make the noise? If so , next step is to actually open the hood and watch the mount(s) for play/noise , while repeating that procedure. Do you have extended warranty on it? -
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yes the mechanic did hold brake and press gas and opened the hood and rocked the engine back and forth. thats when he said it was a bad mount. i have a warranty but they dont cover the mounts. i replaced the lower mount underneath but that didnt stop the noise, it still pops on and off, sometimes loud. I want to know what to expect when i take it to the dealer. i dont want to be charged for a tranmission problem when its a tranmission mount or motor mount. -
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It's usually the mount on top , at the side.(pass. side fender)Did you check at the dealer to see if it was under the 5/60 powertrain coverage? -
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no i did not check with the dealer on the 5/60 but i will, thanks, and i will get my mechanic to check the mount you mentioned, the one on the side..in fact i am going to get him to check all of the rest of the mounts....thanks again....this is a great site...have a great day..... -