1996 Chrysler Cirrus Q&A

1996 Chrysler Cirrus Question: car is loosing power and dying at random times

It looses power like it is choking or something randomly, if I push on the gas pedal it usualy comes out of it. But it dies all together randomly like at a stop or slowing or going down the freeway in traffic. I put it in neutral and it starts back up. Had it at the Mechanics 3 times its there now. ruled out fuel pump. Please help. -
Answer 1
Check the Crank Sensor, which is a common problem for these symptoms. Also check the codes, there should be a code stored for this in your engine computer, but not always. -
Comment 1
replaced the crank sensor and it doesn't throw a code at all found out it's not the fuel pump too. so they still don't know -
Answer 2
The throttle position sensor needed to be replaced. It was out of range but not registering a code. -