Car is leaking oil onto the belt and im lost. Help please? on 2001 Buick Regal

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I have a 2001 regal ls. Last few days the car has been making a grinding sound by the belt assembly while at idle to about 2000rpm. Last night I checked to see if anything has changed and there is now oil spattered in the engine and its going onto the belt. Can somebody please let me know whats going on.
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IF it is indeed oil, possible front crankshaf seal. IF its antifreeze, possible water pump or plastic 90° fittings at intake manifold. Is it low on oil or coolant??
Its good on oil but has had a coolant leak for a while and I cannot locate where that is. I took the coolant oveeflow off and noticed a bunch of black oil like substance on It right across where the water pump is alos the pully in the water pump is lose as hell
I had to replace the motor mount under the front of the motor, closest to the belt and crank pulley and found that the motor mount was a liquid filled type before it failed and leaked on the belt and pulleys. Also check your front main seal for any leakage. Hope this helps you.