Car is leaking coolant and cannot find a hole anywhere? on 2002 Buick Century

Recently I started to have coolant leaking from the reservoir and lately I have been putting coolant in it every other week. The temperature goes up and down, when you open the hood, you can smell coolant. I really am clueless as to how the coolant is leaking. Today my husband said the car has cut off on him numerous times. please help me with my darn Buick century!!!!!

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ck oil to see if water is mixing with oil. it will look like a milkshake.if so very common for intake manifold gaskets to leak and water will go inside eng
is there white smoke coming out of tailpipe
No white smoke come to find out it was my water pump. Did not know a water pump can make such a mess. thanks for advice guys!
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My 1996 buick century 3300 had holes form in the top of the waterpump/timing cover. Patched held for a while.