2002 Ford Taurus Q&A

2002 Ford Taurus Question: Car is jumpy, shakes and sometimes turns off while stopped.

My car has been very jumpy and stutters a lot when stopped (whether or park or just braking). Seems like it wants to take off. Recently it turns off on me when I am stopped and will only stay if I am hitting the gas while hitting the brake. Aany ideas? Heard it could be the Mass Airflow Sensor. Thanks! -
Answer 1
Try to clean the Mass Airflow Sensor with a special cleaner sold at any auto parts store also try to get a diagnostic to see if you have any trouble codes autozone does this for FREE -
Comment 1
I tried cleaning it but it is only less jumpy...still turns off randomly. Thanks for the quick repsonse! -
Answer 2
I just got done cleaning mine on my Mercedes-Benz with an electrical spray cleaner and so far its seemed to do the trick, make sure you let the MAS air out for a minimum of 45 mins. Hopefully it works for you as it did me, I know it saved me money. -