2008 Honda Fit Q&A

2008 Honda Fit Question: car is having a problem that is a recall from a different year -- what to do?

Our car is having the problem from recall 11V101000 recall number is R66. Do we have any recourse from Honda? Is there anything we can do to avoid paying for this almost $2000 repair? -
Answer 1
Is there any contact information on the recall. If not I would try and contact the manufacture or it's representative for your area. -
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Calling Honda tomorrow. Checked the NHTSA website, found multiple complaints for the same problem on the 2008 models so I filed one there as well -- bringing all info to the dealership & hoping they will do something. -
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Good job and good luck. -
Answer 2
While you are at the dealer, pitch a....FIT~! Depends on who you get to talk to,,, always does!! -
Answer 3
talk to service manager and no one else be firm but nice -
Answer 4
What exactly is your car doing, and why is it related to the recall? -
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The car is stuttering and stalling. According to the dealership a spring in the valve assembly broke -- same thing as in the recall for the 2009/2010 models, but ours is a 2008. -