Car is cutting off on 1995 Ford Contour

My car keeps cutting off- after being on for 5 minutes... at first it wouldnt start, but I had the starter repaired- I was told that the front of the starter was cracked- now it starts but wont stay on

by in Jacksonville, FL on October 02, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 02, 2009
I would check for codes, there may be a Crankshaft sensor that is bad or something else. It sounds like it is losing spark and not fuel.
COMMENT by on October 02, 2009
How do I check for codes?
COMMENT by on September 09, 2010
... as spoken by a true novice.
ANSWER by on May 21, 2010
my escort wont stalled atstopsign. change out crankshaft sensor. still wont start
ANSWER by on March 23, 2011
Your main bearings are worn out. The oil heats up and becomes more watery, thus losing pressure because the bearings tolerances for the oil required by the manufacturer is no longer there to fill the gaps . When the oil pressure drops below a set psi the computer cuts out the fuel pump. The concept is for running low on oil not worn bearings.
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