1997 Toyota Camry Q&A

1997 Toyota Camry Question: Car idling too hard, 3k RPM. White smoke that smells of gas coming out exhaust.

Car starts in a very hard idle. It either rests at 3K RPM or continues to climb untilI shut off the car. I have replaced the throttle position sensor and manifold absolute pressure sensors due to ODB2 codes that were backed up by multimeter testing. As far as the white smoke it billows out as soon as I start the engine and smells of unburned gasoline. I have replaced the sparkplugs and wires, after finding issues when inspecting them. I also replaced a fuel injector in a cylinder that hard fired so hard it exploded the spark plug. My next step is the idle air control valve but it seems to be functioning properly, going to attempt cleaning it. -
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