car idles up and down when cold sometimes dies on 1990 Lincoln Mark VII

no engine light on cleaned egr and iac checked intake for leaks when car is warm it runs good. but when cold it will not idle and sometimes dies at idle it surges up and down

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cannot clean the iac motor. replace it and i bet your issue goes away.

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I would suspect the coolant temp sensor that is like the choke for injection systom, not the temp sender for dash gauge or light but will have more wires, weatherpack connector to seal out water and real close to the thermostat housing. Might try unplugging while engine is doing this and see if stops. May need to monitor oxygen sensors also to see if having probs going from open to closed loop, will need to do this with a scanner. Sorry, Roy, did not mean to step on toes. Your response popped up when I posted.