Car idles rough what could it be on 1993 Toyota Camry

The car starts fine and uns good but idles rough. Whats could be wrong? Sensors or something? I changed out all the spark plugs and the distributor cap and rotor. The spark plug cables are new aswell. I took it guy and he put it on a hand held device that read two codes from check engine light.

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Need to know what those codes were. I'm betting they were o2 sensor codes, but please post the check engine codes.
The first code i received was DTC 14(ignition reference no signal, turbo charger pressure). The second code is: DTC 26 (mixture control continuosly rich. I hope this helps you help me figure out my problem.
This is one of two problems : air/fuel mix or exhaust backing up due to fouled or plugged catalytic converter. You can clean your AIC motor at the butterfly and use electronic cleaner on your mass airflow sensor and see if this helps. Also, try a fuel system cleaner. If this doesn't help, I would be leaning toward a bad catalytic converter.
Where is the aic motor and butterfly?this car has new catalitic converter. This car has no mass air flow sensor.? Tell me more
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I had this problem with car idling rough than stalling out-I did fix this by replacing an oxygen sensor. However 1 year later it's doing it again without stalling. Just rough idle in drive. I replaced coil-drives better but still rough idle. I will next be checking my hoses and timing.