car hesitation on 1993 Acura Legend

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I ran out of gas a while back in my 92 acura legend and ever since when i get below a half a tank of gas the car turns off when stop abruptly, but if I ease to a stop very slowly it will not turn off. What is possible problem?
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If your Acura has high mileage, you ran out of gas, and ever since then you have a problem it would seem both items are related. I believe the fuel filter on your car is in the engine compartment near the firewall. It is easy to change, perhaps the filter has become full of debris, this type of problem would normally show up as a loss of power at higher speed on the freeway. Running out of gas can damage a fuel pump, the fuel pump requires fuel to lubricate it. If your car has higher mileage I would probably replace the fuel filter if it has not been recently changed (it is a maintainence item and perhaps check the fuel pressure), and clean the throttle body. Cleaning the throttle body alone, may drastically improve the idle.