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2005 Pontiac Montana Question: Car hesitates when press gas after stopping

Hi there. Recently, I have found that my 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 hesitates after I'm stopped at a light or stop sign. Once I start accelerating, it feels as though the van doesn't want to go anywhere, and then all of a sudden kicks in. When I was at a quarter tank, the car actually stopped completely. I would push the gas all the way, and it wouldn't go anywhere, and then it shut off. Then when I finally got it started again, it didn't stop anymore, but it still hesitated. What could be causing this problem. Please advise. Thank you. -
Answer 1
Have you checked the fuel pressure, and the gas lines for leaks? -
Answer 2
Had similar problem and it turns out the fuel regulator was leaking, causing reduction in pressure. I couldn't find a leak because the gas was dripping onto the engine and evaporating, according to the mechanic. Mechanic said it was a fairly common problem, so you might want to check it out. It's a $40 or $50 part but a couple hundred bucks labor for the mechanic, he claims it's tough to get to. -
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My montana does the same thing. It has since I purchased it new. The dealership said the transmission had to have time to work out since it was new. Now I am getting a check engine light. I hooked the computer code reader to the car and it says its the camshaft sensor position A circuit malfunction. See my question above about camshaft sensor. -
Comment 2
well your mechanic lied to you. it only takes 15 minutes to change i did my own fuel regulator. it wasn't that hard to do -