car hesitates when i press on the gas engine light codes say cam follower issues on 2006 Audi A3

i dont know how to replace cam follower i believe its inside or near fuel pump. i also want to replace fuel filter dont know where that is either i believe thats by the fuel tank. i bought both online will try this weekend

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The cam followers have to do with the computer controlled cam timing. This is a very complex job, the last one I repaired took almost 20 hours, but that was on an earlier Audi model year 2004. This is no job for a hobbyist, same with the fuel filter. These are great cars but it takes a Pro level tech to deal with them and it takes considerable $ on a regular basis. I can't afford to drive a BMW, Mercedes or Audi because of the costs involved, and I can do all the work.
The cam follower does NOT have to with the cam timing on the a3 2.0t. It is a simple 20 minutes replace job. Remove fuel pump and replace follower. Remember, audi extended the warranty on the cam, follower, and fuel pump to 10 years and 120k miles because of issues with these parts. The dealer might do these repairs for free if you meet their qualifications.