Car hesitates when accelerating gently from low speeds. Ok once it gets going on 2001 Mercedes-Benz E430

Local non mercedes mechanic thinks its an o2 sensor....but also that it might be the CAT converter

by in Copperopolis, CA on March 15, 2012
1 answer
ANSWER by , March 15, 2012
If it's not an obvious ignition problem it would be best to look at live sensor data and Mode 6 diagnostic information using a professional grade scan tool. He could compare operating waveforms on both banks of the engine to see if they differ from each other using an oscilloscope. There is a professional service called Identafix. They only deal with professional repair shops. They are in the Minnesota 651-633-8007. Your auto repair shop do all their diagnosis tests, and discuss your problem with a team of professional technicians great service cheap and very bright people. If the repair shop that are repairing your car are stumped this is a great service. This company only deal with automotive repair shops and don't answer questions for the general public but are an amazing knowledge base.