2005 Pontiac Montana Q&A

2005 Pontiac Montana Question: Car hesitates

I just put a new fuel pump on my car.but when I go to start my car it still hasitate to start up.what could b wrong with it? my mechanic told me it could be some kind of security system once I putI put the key in the ignition wait until the security lights go off and start it up.is that true? -
Answer 1
what is the fuel preesure and does it bleed off fast after eng is turned off. could be fuel pressure reg issue -
Answer 2
has mechanic checked ignition system? had simular problem, turn out to be alternator. review when last tuned up. could be a fuel issue also. -
Comment 1
Okay thanks guy's. I just bought the car last week and having trouble with it already. I don't know when was the last time it had a tune-up.I thought if it was alternator that my lights Will b dull? -
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