Car has what I believe to be an air ride auto leveling suspension system. on 1995 Buick Park Avenue

It seems like it comes on too often, possibly even when the car has sat parked. Could something be worn out like a seal or something? I think this is draining my battery causing premature wear on the battery. Whenever the car is driven, the engine charge gauge seems to be swinging into heavy charge like the battery was close to being discharged completely. Also and possible unrelated, said gauge doesn't go directly into charge when started. It momentarily lingers in the discharge area. If I shift out of park too soon, the car dies. I haven't had the battery alternator or electrical system checked or any codes read yet. One more thing. When sitting at a light if I have too many things operating like headlamps, defroster, turn signal and foot on the brake, the gauge reads heavy discharge. Just thinking that the auto level being on all the time is wearing on the battery. Thanks.

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I think the problem is with the alternator and/or battery. The ALS on these cars do activate quite a lot even once when car is parked.
have charging system and battery checked at an "auto repair" shop.
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agree with wetry and alsohave level ride switch ajusted. its bck on the rear end of car and reads the diff location. the switch may have come loose or is sticking
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