car has no power,miss,smokes. on 1992 Lexus SC400

removed 2 plugs black like running rich, checked fuel regulator ok no fuel in vacuum line, no codes.could it be m.a.f. sensor?

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It's possible that the oxygen sensors or the MAF are faulty. These things can be checked out by a technician with a scanner that reads data. It's also possible that the engine is running cold or the engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor is faulty, causing the engine to run rich.
If you want to contact a Lexus or Toyota specialist, Here's a directory link for you:
re lexus sc 400, did scan engine data with two different scan tools ,engine does go into closed loop, m.a.f. in spec's , fuel press good. scan tools do lose communication at times . o2 's are switching, runs ok at idle. miss and smoke on hard accel,ecu ?