Car has no get up and go on 1993 Mercury Tracer

Overdrive wouldn't shift right then started smoking from under the hood. Now car has no get up and go won't shift into gears properly. Goes no more than 30mph now. Parked it tell we can figure out whats wrong with it.

by in Burnet, TX on November 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 01, 2010
MissyAlman, I am sorry to hear about your car troubles! Unfortunately, it is hard to determine what happened specifically with your car without being able to check the basics - spark, fuel, air coming in to the engine, exhaust is free flowing, emissions controls are working well, transmission fluid full and clean, running characteristics and so on. From the clues you shared, you indicated a transmission shifting problem. This tells me that you may have some kind of internal transmission problem that needs attention. Start by checking your transmission fluid and seeing if it is full and red. If it is low and/or dark in color with a burnt smell, you probably have major issues. You can always start with a fluid and filter service, but issues may already run deeper. The 4EAT transmission from Ford does not have very many areas where a repair can be made with symptoms like yours, so you would probably be looking at an overhaul or replacement of the unit. Your smoking under the hood -- now I start thinking of overheating issues, coolant leaks, oil leaking on exhaust, etc. My suggestion is to see a qualified technician who can be of help. Here is a directory of shops in your area: Good luck!
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