Car has no electrical power?! on 1994 Infiniti J30

My j30 has no power. I turned off the key and forgot to roll up window. turned key on again and nothing! no power at all. trunk will not open or gas filler door, etc... I used a meter to test the battery and it is good. Somewhere I seemed to have lost power from battery to everything in the car. No headlights either. But battery will crank starter with a jump switch so the battery appears to be good.... Any thoughts...HELP!

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you must have a main fuze blown ck all fuzes
thanks! I looked them over and checked each one. I believe I have narowed it down to the Ignition switch. I believe it is faulty. Aparently many power functions flow through it. We will see. I ordered a new one which arrived tomorrow morning.

how do u change the ignition switch
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your battery is dead. have it charged and get the alternator checked for proper output.

did you read my post. My battery has a nearly full charge.