car has fire but no fuel at injectors fuel pump working. won,t start on 1996 Toyota Camry

changed coil & inighter & distributor. checked fuel pump, fuel at filter,pressure good, to rail. no fuel at injectors,or coming out return won't start. tried starting fluid in intake, changed plugs timing belt good,compression good

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Will it start/try to stat with the starting fluid? How much fuel pressure? Got injector pulse when checked with noid light?
no won't start. 70lbs. got pulse no air or fuel to pistons
Ok, how much compression? Also, have you checked for plugged exhaust? Can remove FRONT 02 sensor to see if it will help, if it starts do no let it run, replace restricted exhaust. IF the engine IS in time and you have good compression & spark, then you add fuel but it still won't start, got to be stopped up exhaust!! That's all that is left!
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Did you check the pressure between the pump and the filter? 70 psi is higher than specs, if you checked it before the filter it may be clogged. The normal pressure with pump running - engine off: 38-44 psi.
Based on the high pressure and no fuel at return line I bet there is a blockage somewhere in the lines or clogged filter.
many things such as timing, ECM, fuel pump, EFI main relay, fuses such as AM2, faulty new parts (distributor), wiring, CKP sensor can all cause a no start condition as well as bad intake valve(s) leaking by. Recommend take to a certified professional based on all you have already done with no success. Call Jim or Michael at CarMasters 757-237-7080 to arrange having vehicle brought in for diagnostic.
is it a v6 ?fuel damper clogged?
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