Car has 3/4 tamk of gas but wont start on 1993 Dodge Shadow

I was trying to start my car after a day of driving. it started for a second and then just went off. when i turn the key on i can hear a humming noise for approx 15-25 seconds but after that the engin turns over but fails to start. the car has 3/4 tank of gas 114868 miles on it amd is a 2.5 ltr 4 cyl dodge shadow

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Its hard to say if the humming sound you hear is actually the fuel pump or the ABS brake pump running. If it is the fuel pump it should mean you have fuel at the fuel rail which would enable the engine to start if the injectors are triggered to open by the fuel injection computer, and the ignition system then ignites the fuel mixture. It is hard to say with out being able to experience the problem first hand, or be able to drive the vehicle and experience the problem and carry out some basic tests.
What should be my first course of action to try to figure out the problem. is there any easy self diognostic tests i can preform myself to try and figure out what may be the issue, or an easy way to get it running so i can get it to a shop?