car hard to start after putting fuel in it on 2005 Hyundai Sonata

My car runs fine until I put fuel in it, then it is hard to start and I have to rev the motor up for a minute then it runs ok.This happens no matter how much fuel is put in it.Check engine light is not on.

by in Pikeville, KY on June 15, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 26, 2010
have the same problem, check engine light came on with code P0441-evaporative emission control system, incorrect purge flow. My mechanic is going to to a pressure test on the fuel system, but thinks it will be the fuel pump that needs to be replaced!
COMMENT by on January 20, 2011
First of all, get a new mechanic. Next, find one that will check for vacuum leaks in the fuel trim. Today’s fuel tanks are vented back into the engine. A "Carbon Canister" is supposed to absorb the vapors and then feed them into the engine in a controlled manner. If your canister is saturated or the purge valve stuck open, the fumes can "flood" the engine while refueling. To narrow your problem down, try holding the throttle wide open when you start after refueling to clear the vapor quickly. If you needed a new fuel pump, you'd always have difficulty starting your car, if at all...not just after refueling.
COMMENT by on October 01, 2015
great answer! I was going to call the Tappert brothers but your answer was spot-on understandable and very much appreciated! Thank you. it worked!!
ANSWER by on November 01, 2015
same exact problem with my 2010 hyundai accent hard to start after refuelling!!!
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