Car front tire is squeeking on 1990 Pontiac Bonneville

The car's front tire is squeaking very loudly when the car is driven in slow speeds.

Here are the facts:
- The front left tire squeaks when the car is in slow speeds
- The squeaking quiets down when the breaks are applied
- The front right tire has now started squeaking a few months after the front left tire squeaking began
- On the highway, the squeaking sound is very low
- When the squeaking first began, the car would squeak on and off, but now the car squeaks about 98% of the time when the car is driven on rural streets.


Asked by for the 1990 Pontiac Bonneville
The squeak noise you describe seems to be related to the brakes, and they may be low and in need of replacement. Some pads have a metal tab that rubs on the rotor and squeaks when the pads get low, that may be what is happening. You should have the brakes inspected very soon to rule them out. If they are OK, then you may have bad wheel bearings.