car flooding on 2002 Lexus IS300

what happens to your car, when you drive through 6 inches of rainwater/puddle and water goes into your exhaust system and your car doesn't start?

Asked by for the 2002 Lexus IS300
If you have driven through a flood to the point where the air filter housing can fill with water and possibly suck water into the engine this could potentially be very bad and result in serious engine damage as the engine could hydraulically lock , in which case it may be wise to remove the spark plugs and crank the engine over to ensure water is not in the cylinders. If the flood was not that severe, (no water in the air filter housing) it is more likely that the ignition system has go wet and when it drys out the car will start.
If you have repeatedly tried to start the engine it may fouled the spark plugs with gasoline. They too will dry out with time or you can remove thenm and dry them out at the same time you crank over the engine to ensure no water is in the cylinders.
If the flood was not that severe