Car engine is loud on 2008 Hyundai Accent

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When a start my car is fine. It is quiet and all normal, but as soon as it reaches 40mph and the RPM get higher, the engines gets loud like it has turbo charge or something. I do not remember the engine been loud before, but I have noticed it lately. No leaks in the exhaust, no engine light, no overheating, maybe eating more fuel than before. Car runs fine, but I do not know why the engine and the rpms get loud especially on the highway is when you hear it the loudest (75mph or higher)
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Just a guess, check the air cleaner assem. also the filter and intake tube. Sure no exhaust leaks?
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poss lifter noise or cam follower. i would start with cking oil pressure while car is warm
Thank you. OIl pressure is OK otherwise the engine light will come on, but we can check the lifter ot the cam. I am thinkinh a valve or somethibng that came out or loose. No clocking noise the engine is runnning normal and quiet when stopped or in neutral. Engine gets louder as the rpms gets higher
Have you checked the wheel bearings? Sound like you're in an airplane? Might not be the engine. Try this; at 45 MPH when the noise is there , note what it sounds like and then down shift so engine speed goes up , while maintaining the same vehicle speed. If the noise stays the same check bearings(front and rear as needed) IF it changes , keep going with engine/ trans diag.
You are right. Both wheel bearings were changed. One was really bad and the other one was just OK, but both were changed. My mechanic drove the car and right away he told me that the wheel bearings were bad. Thank you all for all the help. The car is fine now. Thank you so much
Thank you for the reply , glad it's fixed.
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